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Construction for Cold Storage, Food Processing, Data Centers, and Commercial Greenhouses.

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About Our Services:

MJM Specializes in any application involving Insulated Metal Panel Installation. We work with many reputable vendors to provide the correct IMP for each specific application. From food processing to data centers and more, MJM is your expert IMP contractor.

MJM has extensive Greenhouse and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) construction experience. We provide a wide range of services for Greenhouse, Cultivation, Vertical Farming, and other agricultural settings.


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Insulated metal wall panels offer a durable, long-term, and low maintenance solution for all cold storage and cultivation facilities’ temperature and humidity control needs. Sustainable materials result in a higher R-value and decrease your storage room, greenhouse, or cultivation facility’s operational costs. Our all-in-one panel design, for both interior and exterior panel installation, affords more design freedom because they don’t require framing.

Cold Storage and Food Processing Facilities

Cold storage installations require specific experience to ensure proper performance and longevity of the structure. MJM has extensive Insulated Metal Panel and insulation experience to keep Cold Storage or Food Processing facilities performing at their best.

Our cold storage services include IMP Installation, Specialty Door applications, and sub floor insulation. Each of these trades are done in house with no subcontracted labor.

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Greenhouse and Cultivation Construction

MJM has extensive indoor agricultural experience ranging from multi acre greenhouses to indoor cultivation.

We not only build greenhouses, but also provide other trades within CEA spaces including racking, benching, irrigation and more.


Your data is of the utmost importance, and therefore, demands the most secure storage facility possible. Creating the optimal conditions for data storage is essential to the longevity and security of your operation.

Through innovative technologies and solutions, data center design and construction has never been easier with MJM. Through constant communication with our clients and transparency throughout the design and construction process, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is stored with the highest quality of care and security.

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Nationwide Industrial Greenhouse and Growing Solutions Specialized Agricultural Design Services, Operating in all 50 States.

MJM Install provides full-service industrial greenhouse design and installation for operations across the country. We understand what it takes to create a durable space from the ground up that supports your enterprise in all its endeavors.

We have experienced build crews in every state and never hire subcontractors. From schematic design to the implementation of finishing touches, we’re here to support your business by building a custom space that maximizes the efficiency of all your industrial growing and farming efforts.

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Commercial Greenhouse Design

MJM Install is your premier construction, installation, and engineering partner for creating superior commercial greenhouse spaces. We assist growers in all 50 states with building durable and sustainable grow spaces tailored to their operational needs, crop type, and local climate. Bring your large-scale growing business to life with a space that’s tailored to your company’s current and future growth.

CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture)

When it comes to designing a controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) space, maintaining the right climate is foundational to your success. MJM Install offers sustainable design and construction services for CEA operations, including easy-to-operate temperature and humidity controls, optimal airflow, and more to create the perfect environment for indoor cultivation.

When growing indoors, maintaining the optimal climate is essential. We offer reliable CEA construction services you can count on. Contact us to learn more about our CEA solutions today.

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Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Efficiency is key when it comes to managing indoor agriculture operations. This includes the efficient use of your growing space. MJM Install offers sustainable design and construction services that are ideal for vertical farming, which allows for more crops to grow simultaneously. Our professionals are here to offer optimal vertical farming installation with the goal of improving your yield and your overall production operations.

Vertical farming allows for more creativity in designing your grow space, a method of minimizing your water usage, and provides more reliable year-round crop production. Learn more about how MJM Install can provide vertical farming solutions.

Food Processing

Our innovative design and construction services are perfect for the food processing industry. Our professionals at MJM Install will ensure your build complies with all USDA, FSMA, GMP, and Food Safety standards. Using our industry-leading insulated wall panels, epoxy flooring, modular design and construction, and customized cold storage solutions, our on-site project managers will handle your unique food processing facility construction from start to finish.

Utilizing a controlled environment with state-of-the-art materials and resources, our services are perfect for constructing your food processing facility, and we’ll guide you through every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how our tailored solutions can help.

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MJM understands the hurdles you face as a commercial grower and business owner with storage needs. We remove the stress from cold storage and greenhouse/cultivation facility construction with efficient methods and high-quality products that reduce your operational costs.
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Experience the simplicity that comes from only using one project manager for your operation. With MJM, you’ll never have to ask multiple contractors to complete a task, making customization a clear process.

You also benefit from our clear communication on deadlines and other project specifications. We stick to our word and we keep you apprised of your construction’s status every step of the way.

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Whether you want a fully-customized greenhouse layout or simply need dependable labor to execute your vision, MJM accommodates your needs. Our modular designs make it easy to pivot if you’re going to change something about your cultivation facility design or construction.

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Start Growing With MJM Install Today

If you are looking to implement a cold storage facility that is airtight and cost-effective, our innovative resources and technologies seamlessly bring your vision to life to fortify your data or materials. For your growing needs, finish your cultivation greenhouse and cultivation construction plans with a single contractor who cares about your industry and operations, MJM Install is here to help you succeed.

If you already have your space designed, we labor diligently to accomplish your project as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.