Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Cultivation

Controlled Environmental Agriculture spaces offer business owners and industry professionals the opportunity to leverage the most advanced automated growing solutions on the market. Work with MJM Install’s team of designers and innovators to create the best technology-based agricultural environments, utilizing reliable, cutting-edge growing and harvesting solutions.

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MJM Install is proud to offer professional Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) construction. From start to finish, we can handle each step of your CEA construction project and we can bring your vision to life. We’ve worked with a range of industries to provide on-time and efficient building construction. With extensive experience and ample resources, we can get your project finished to your exact specifications.
Controlled Environmental Agriculture Spaces

Optimizing Your Growing Operations

MJM Install is your premier and construction partner when it comes to creating greenhouses and indoor growing spaces that apply the most innovative controlled environment agriculture practices and systems. With over ten years of experience building the best commercial and industrial spaces throughout the United States, our team is ready to help bring your company’s vision to life.

Wide Variety of CEA services

  • IMP Cultivation Rooms
  • Irrigation and Water Technical
  • PVC Paneling
  • Benching and Racking
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Benefits of Installing CEA Systems

Controlled environment agriculture comes with a wide range of benefits for industrial and commercial growers, regardless of crop type or operational scale. Here are just a few of the ways a new closed-loop CEA system can support your growing business.

Automation Improvements

With CEA systems, you’ll find it easier than ever to maintain an optimal indoor growing space. Environmental automation ensures humidity and temperature levels are held at a consistent level, while CO2 and water are distributed evenly without wasting a drop. HPS or LED lighting levels match the current stage of your crop’s life cycle, while airflow systems continuously promote health. Once installed, you can worry less about managing your indoor growing environment.

Grow From Any Location

CEA systems allow for flexibility in terms of production location, which means you never have to worry about climate change or inconsistency. Controlled shade structures, airflow systems, CO2 distribution, and grow lights combine to create a single agricultural system that’s more reliable than ever, whether you’re in an urban or rural location.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Controlled environment systems offer industrial and commercial producers incredible advancements in energy efficiency and resource utilization. By building a CEA system with MJM Install, you’ll increase your crop yields while reducing your water and electricity bills, which can save your business a considerable amount of money moving forward.

Maximize the Value of Your Floor Space

Not only are CEA systems the most energy-efficient solutions for commercial grow companies, providing outstanding optimizations in terms of floor space utilization. They can also host more plants in a single space without sacrificing a reliable, even distribution of water, CO2, and other critical nutrients.

Year-Round Production

When you build a CEA system with MJM Install , you remove the restrictions of standard growing seasons. Continue to plant, grow, and harvest a wide variety of crops at any time of year without worrying about a drop in production quantity or quality.

Increase Yields

The technological advancements and automation capabilities of today’s CEA systems ensure an increase in crop yields, particularly for commercial or industrial growers that come from standard outdoor growing operations.

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Reliable Project Management

MJM Install knows what it takes to achieve success within the indoor growing industry. By working with our team of experienced professionals, you’ll receive expert advice throughout the entire building and installation process, along with end-to-end project supervision.

MJM Install’s Experience and Industry Expertise

With more than ten years of experience in the agricultural production industry and a dedication to your company’s success, the team at MJM Install ensures your CEA space matches all your requirements and design preferences.

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