Data Center Construction Services

Your valuable data deserves secure storing solutions.

An Industry Leader in Data Center Design & Construction — Choose the MJM Install Difference

When storing your data and other sensitive information or materials, you need a proven industry expert on your side. Through state-of-the-art equipment including insulated metal panels, our data storage centers are constructed with meticulous controlled environment elements and attention to detail. Secure peace of mind is enjoyed by every MJM Install client.

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Through innovative technologies and solutions, data center design and construction has never been easier with MJM. Through constant communication with our clients and transparency throughout the design and construction process, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is stored with the highest quality of care and security.
data center construction services
data center construction

Scalable Solutions

No matter the size of your data center operation or your specific needs, our professionals have over a decade of experience in delivering fortified storage facilities and controlled environment solutions. Through innovative technologies and prompt project timelines, we ensure your data center design and construction is swift and transparent from concept to completion.

Cost-Effective Construction

With insulated metal wall panels, your data is fortified with durable, energy-efficient thermal performance and environmental control and consistency. Through high-performance materials and excellent customer service, MJM provides a tangible difference for commercial and industrial spaces.
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High-Efficiency Architecture

For significant improvements in energy efficiency and operations costs, MJM Install only uses the highest-quality materials and tools to construct your data storage facility. Avoid exposing your data to leaks or cracks in your facility by ensuring a tightly sealed controlled environment. Upgrade your data security and choose dynamic heat and cold resistance with our proven storage solutions.

Through versatile assembly and design freedom when utilizing IMPs, MJM Install provides straightforward installation processes to create long-term savings and security.

Enjoy The MJM Difference

Hire a firm with a proven track record and years of design experience to handle your data center construction. With exceptional, cutting-edge equipment and facilities, you’ll receive the perfect cold room environment for your storage needs.

We utilize the following features for your data center facilities:

  • Insulated Metal Wall Panels
  • Versatile controlled environment solutions
  • USDA approved equipment
  • Forklift and crane services
  • Vapor barrier installation
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Data Center Construction for Countless Industries:

Data centers are increasingly in demand in the following industries:

  • Information technology (IT)
  • Telecommunications
  • Cloud-based or cloud-heavy companies
  • Healthcare industries
  • Energy sectors
  • Government entities
  • Schools and universities
  • Financial institutions
  • Social networking services
  • Retailers and corporations

Our Process

From a straightforward consultation to consistent communication, our experts provide quality assurance, reliable updates, and timely service to any data center construction project.

We build our MJM process on:

  • Full-service data center design, construction, and installation.
  • Extensive background in storage, CEA solutions, insulated wall panels and cost-effective construction processes.
  • Unmatched professionalism and client communication.
  • Detailed planning and fully customized, versatile layouts and design freedom.
  • Project managers working with you from preliminary designs to final installation.
  • Transparent quotes and pricing.
  • Integrity in our work, products, and relationships with our clients.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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data center installation companies.

Prompt On-Site Construction

Our project managers closely monitor every step of the construction process, including:

  • Site Selection & Preparation
  • Foundation Work & Research
  • Cost-effective Solutions & Energy-Efficient CEA Systems
  • HVAC Equipment & Vapor Barrier Solutions
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Full-Service Installation

Quality Control and Assurance

Your data center demands high-quality materials, an experienced team, and strategic solutions during construction. That’s why the experts at MJM Install oversee each step of the installation process meticulously, and provide a quality guarantee that extends long after our services conclude. Improper installation can result in water or air leakage or even contamination, which could dismantle your entire data center operation. MJM Install covers all the bases and ensures an impeccable data center design and construction.