Rolling Benches

Increasing your grow room’s efficiency is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to increase your yield. For years, horticulturists have been well aware of the many yield benefits rolling benches provide.

However, as those in the cannabis industry are well aware, cannabis operations present unique challenges and obstacles, such as wasted canopy space, uneven light distribution to plants, and inefficient drainage systems.

Rolling benches solve these issues by maximizing your grow space, creating environmental control, and eliminating the need for aisles between each table.

While rolling benches may seem like a simple add-on to your cannabis greenhouse or grow room construction, choosing which sizes, styles, and heights offer you the most potential yield increase can be time-consuming–especially if you’re starting a new operation. That’s where MJM Install can help.

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MJM Install will help maximize the space of your indoor grow operation by implementing rolling benches. These space-savers can help you grow more, efficient products, allow you to stack plants on top of one another safely, and save you money by producing more than you could otherwise. Rolling benches will also allow you to limit wasted canopy space, provide more even light distribution, and provide for cleaner and more efficient drainage systems.
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What Are the Benefits of Using Rolling Bench Installation
For Your Cannabis Greenhouse Construction?

The greatest benefit to using rolling benches is how they can increase your yield by up to 40%. This fact is compelling enough by itself. However, when you add the environmental control benefits, such as adaptable airflow systems, it’s easy to see how they can increase your long-term profits.

Increase Your Overall Yield

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Increased Harvestable Square Footage

Whether you’re the business owner or a part of the cultivation team, rolling benches maximize your space, and in turn, maximize your yields.Stationary grow tables only use 65-70% of the room’s square footage because tenders need aisles to maintain the plants.

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Increased Canopy Space

Square footage is only half of the yield equation. When you consider that rolling benches can stack vertically, you can plainly see the yield increase potential.

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Preserve Productivity

Rolling benches are as portable as they come, making these installations are easy to rearrange. Moving them is a one-person job that most individuals can accomplish. Their portability increases profit and productivity.

Control the Environment of Your Indoor Commercial Grow

Rolling bench installations give you the ability to:

  • Move and scale your plants.
  • Increase your access to tend to your plants.
  • Improve your plants’ health from germination to bud.
  • Streamline the growing and harvesting process.

Rolling benches make environmental control easier because of their adaptable airflow systems, mountable lights, and built-in drainage systems. These elements prevent “hot spots,” create more consistent PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), and a more manageable IPM (Integrated Pest Management system).

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Modular Construction

Whether you’re completing a fully-customized job or you need help planning your construction, MJM uses modular construction rolling benches. Using modular construction materials means that we can complete your project on-time, in a cost-efficient manner.

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Customized Solutions

Whether you want vertically stacked rolling benches for your commercial grow room or automated rolling benches, MJM Install will work with you to design a system that best fits your needs. We are committed and care about accomplishing your unique plans on your timeline.

Why Use MJM Install For Your Rolling Bench Installation?

Using MJM Install for your rolling bench installation gives you access to project managers who understand how to create rolling bench designs that best suit your operation. Choosing your styles and size can be difficult when making a rolling bench design that works best for your company. 

Having on-site project managers to guide you through the process ensures you never miss a beat and that your operation is up and running in no time without any time-consuming mistakes. We issue prompt, professional quotes and guarantee we’ll never go back on our word. 

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Industry Leaders

As the industry leader in cannabis grow room design and construction, MJM Install has dedicated itself for over ten years to establishing specialized relationships with all of the industry’s top vendors. Our experienced team of lead designers and project managers can guide you through the rolling bench installation process from start to finish. 

Whether you have ideas for your indoor cultivation facility design or you need consulting on the top brands and how they can fit into your vision, MJM Install offers comprehensive project management and onsite instruction to ensure your cannabis greenhouse’s success. 

Enjoy the MJM advantage and have experts on your team with: 

  • 10+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Horticultural backgrounds 
  • Unrivaled professionalism
  • Detailed plans for your customized layouts
  • Timely response from the start of the job until completion 
  • Transparent, industry-standard price quotes (no more getting quotes over text message)
  • Integrity- MJM’s project managers keep their word, apprising you of the project details, and are with you every step of the way. 

Planning and Project Management

Corresponding with our dedicated project managers ensures streamlined construction times and a seamless planning process that never gets held up by general contractors who aren’t in line with your industry standards. 

Enjoy the MJM advantage with project managers who have experience in the cannabis industry.

On-Site Construction Supervision

Our team of project managers stays onsite to oversee the project from start to finish. With MJM, you’ll never have to backchannel your feedback. Simply call your project lead and watch your worries dissolve.

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MJM’s Rolling Bench Preferred Vendors

At MJM, we only work with the most trusted vendors to provide our customers a professional experience they won’t forget.

Next-G3N- Next-G3N’s rolling benches are among the top products on the market, creating over 40% more grow room for cannabis operations. With multiple sizes, their inventory can accommodate businesses of all sizes.


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As cannabis companies of all sizes continue to try and adapt to evolving regulations, MJM is here for all of your construction needs. Avoid the miscommunication and delays that result from corresponding with multiple general contractors and partner with a team aligned with your industry.

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