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New Jersey’s Exclusive, Full Service Marijuana Grow Room & Greenhouse Construction Company

As the industry leader for over ten years, MJM Install can deliver all of your marijuana grow room or greenhouse construction needs. We pride ourselves on our transparent quotes, timely project completions, and we remain the industry-standard because of our commitment to integrity.

When you choose MJM, you stay in close contact and within budget from the design stage to completion. Our team of expert project managers will walk you through the entire installation process, and you will never feel out of the loop.

No longer will you have to juggle meetings with multiple contractors, wondering who can give you the correct answer. MJM is here to answer all of your marijuana grow house and installation needs. With years of experience, horticulture backgrounds, and established vendor relationships, MJM can’t wait to see your business start growing.

Modular Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Modular insulated metal wall panels give you complete control over your grow room, but that’s not all by any means. Their custom, off-site construction makes them versatile while remaining the most durable insulation system in the industry.

Modular insulated metal wall panels are an adaptable, affordable solution for any marijuana grow room project. As if that’s not enough, they are also energy and fire-resistant, and they require little to no maintenance. When you use these panels, you solve all of your long-term grow room insulation problems.

Modular Insulated Metal Panels
mjm greenhouse installation

Greenhouse Construction

Continue your operation year-round with a state-of-the-art climate-controlled greenhouse. Elongate your growing season while expanding your strain and plant selection.

Greenhouses create the ideal growing conditions for all of your crops while protecting them from pests, disease, and pollutants. Greenhouses also reduce the need for pesticides, improving your yield’s quality.

Rolling Bench

Increase your yield by up to 40 percent by installing rolling benches instead of stationary ones. With their easy mobility, rolling benches give you complete control over your grow room’s internal design.

With rolling benches, you no longer have to worry about keeping space in between benches for upkeep. Why waste money investing in larger spaces when you can expand your grow room by simply installing mobile benches?

Rolling Bench Installation
mjm epoxy floor

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors offer a more durable flooring option than most others such as tile, concrete, or wood. Epoxy flooring also creates a more secure seal, making it easier to clean, and working as part of your integrated pest management system.

Irrigation and Fertigation

MJM has extensive experience with various irrigation systems and understands the benefits that high-performance irrigation systems provide grow house operatives. Hydrolock, one of MJM’s preferred vendors helps you maximize your yield while conserving your water usage.

Hydrolock’s innovative technology evenly distributes water throughout your operation and locks it into the soil, reducing the humidity of your cannabis greenhouse or grow room. Sustainability is more important than ever and using Hydrolock is part of MJM’s commitment to innovative, sustainable solutions.

mjm grow room and greenhouse installation

Preferred Vendors

Why MJM?

Start To Finish Consulting-

MJM guides you through every step of your grow room or greenhouse construction. Whether you have your own design in mind, or you want us to plan it with you, we commit ourselves to your project and work with you every step of the way.

Industry Experts
Our team of experts has over ten years of experience in the cannabis grow room and greenhouse industry. We understand the latest industry trends and how to make the most out of your plans. Experience dedication and craftsmanship that mirrors your love for the cannabis industry when you choose MJM.
Partnerships WIth Industry Leaders-

As one of the leaders in cannabis grow room and greenhouse installation, MJM Install only partners with industry leaders. Partnering with brands such as Falk, Permatherm, and Hydrolock demonstrates our commitment to only providing the best solutions to our customers.

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New Jersey’s All-In-One Solution To Your Grow Facility Construction Needs

If you’re in the New Jersey area and looking to tap into the burgeoning cannabis industry, contact MJM today. We know how to turn your plans into reality. Our team of experienced professionals will turn your grow room or greenhouse construction plans into a reality. Contact us today and start growing with MJM.